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NX is an integrated CAD/CAM/CAE application suite and is the best product development tool available today

From a CAD standpoint, NX is simply the best CAD tool on the market.  Things like Synchronous Technology, WAVE Geometry linking, and Active Mockup are just a few of the features that separate NX from its competition.  Combine that with Siemens commitment to continuous innovation, an open platform and adherence to industry standards and NX CAD can't be beat. 

The same thing can be said about NX CAM - simply the best CAM tool on the market and again, Synchronous Technology and WAVE are a big reason why, but there are other features as well.  Automated turbine blade machining, tool path generators that can overcome flaws in 3D CAD models, a built in, graphical post processor development tool and much more.

NX CAE is an industry leading pre and post processor for product simulation and it too is separated from the competition by Synchronous Technology and WAVE.  It has the best automatic meshing tools in the industry and unlike other CAE pre and post processors, it has an intuitive user interface that lets engineers focus on the analysis instead of navigating the user interface.  What's more, it can write to all of the industry standard solvers, including the NX multiphysics solvers.

So now, lets say you run a machine shop and you need CAD and CAM or you do analysis services and you need CAD and CAE or you develop your own products and you need all three.  You could go with separate isolated products, each with a different user interface, a different vendor, a different support channel and a different and incompatible file format or you could choose NX - one user interface, one vendor, one support channel and one file format.  No more exporting and importing files, no more versioning issues, your entire engineering staff is using the same tool and sharing knowledge and augmenting each other's capabilities, you have a single line of support that is never going to tell you that you need to call another vendor, because their software is not the problem and on top of all that, each individual NX application (CAD, CAM and CAE) is an industry leader on its own. 

So now, you're sold on the merits of NX, but you don't have quite the buying power that Boeing does and you think you need to be looking at some less expensive alternatives. While it is true that in the past, NX was a program that was typically only used by the major OEMs in the aerospace, automotive and defense sectors, it is now priced at a level that makes it competitive with every legitimate 3D CAD, CAM or CAE tool availble today.  This includes SolidWorks, Inventor, MasterCAM, Gibbs, Esprit, Ansys, Algor, Fluent and any other comparable product.  If you are looking at buying SolidWorks and MasterCAM and you compare them feature for feature with a comparable NX bundle, you will be getting more features for your money with NX and when you consider the benefits of the built in advantages of NX (Synchronous Technology, WAVE, application integration), their is no comparison.

There is a lot of collateral on this site, including brochures, videos, whitepapers and testimonials.  There is also a list of links to other NX sites, so take some time to look around and get an idea of what NX is all about.  If you have any questions or you want a more in depth look at NX, please contact us and we will get you all the information you need to see how NX can change the way your company does business.