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Endesin specializes in providing experienced, highly capable designers and engineers on a contract basis to companies throughout Western New York. We will match your company’s need with the ideal contract worker so that they will be productive from the outset with virtually no training or on-boarding time required.

Our designers and engineers have experience in aerospace, industrial equipment, automotive and many other industries and have worked at companies like Xerox, Kodak, Moog, Delphi, Dresser Rand and other leading WNY companies.

We guarantee the best rates for our contractors and we are very flexible when it comes to billing terms and time keeping and re-porting. We can also provide the necessary computer hardware and software if needed.

So whether you need a team of drafters to push through a pile of drawing revisions, experienced designers to help deign production tooling or a senior lead engineer to design a new product and lead a team to bring it to market, Endesin can provide you with the right resources.

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Endesin offers a host of engineering services to help your business succeed. Whether you have an extensive in-house engineering team and just need someone to handle some overflow work or your looking at taking on an engineering project beyond what you normally do, Endesin can seamlessly augment you existing engineering capabilities so you can get your project finished on-time.

We have worked in the nuclear, aerospace, industrial, consumer and power industries for companies throughout the U.S. Most engineering projects are We have done projects of all sizes and complexity.

All engineering services projects are handled through Endesin Engineering P.C., a fully licensed and insured professional engineering corporation in New York state.

If you need services other than those listed on this site please contact us, as we are constantly expanding our capabilities.


Our Engineering Services Include:



Without proper implementation and configuration, it is not possible to achieve the desired or even advertised return on an investment in engineering and manufacturing software.  The general complexities of engineering and manufacturing processes and the level to which the software needs to be integrated into your company’s specific processes necessitates some level of implementation and configuration following the initial purchase. 

Furthermore, what good is best-in-class engineering and manufacturing software if none of your people know how to use it?  Training is just as—if not more—important than implementation and configuration. 

Endesin has the expertise to ensure that your investment in software does not suffer from lack of implementation, configuration or training.  Many times, these services are included with the purchase, but in all scenarios they are provided at a minimal expense when compared to the cost of underutilizing your software investment.

Install Support Technical Support Training Custom Programming

NX Services
  • Installation and Upgrade Support: Making sure you have NX and all of the supplementary items installed correctly is the first step.

  • Network Configuration: Make sure your NX users are sharing the fruits of their labor.  Things like Reuse Libraries, custom templates, tooling and machining data libraries and user interface settings are all things that need to be shared to maximize your team’s productivity.

  • NX CAM Postprocessors: CAM is more or less useless if you can’t send the NC file to the machine.  Endesin will make sure your postprocessors are working exactly how you want them to.

  • NX Open Automation Programming: Automate tedious repetitive tasks, expand the power of NX or integrate it with your existing business applications.  With the NX Open framework, there is no limit to what you can do with NX.

  • Training and Mentoring: Whether you are just getting started or are a seasoned NX user, there is always something to learn.  Endesin will tailor a custom training or mentoring session to ensure the maximum utilization of your time and money.  We will focus the session on the areas that are relevant to what you are doing and tailor the content to your level of expertise.

  • NX Technical Articles:  A library of technical articles that will help you become an NX expert!



Structural and Thermal Analysis Fluid Dynamics Analysis Design and Drafting
Aerospace Manifold Manifold Thin Wall Condition Analysis HEPA Filter CFD HEPA Filter CFD Analysis Gearbox Design and Analysis Rotary Axis Gearbox and Enclosure Design
Ammonia Distribution Winch Vibration Analysis  Tracer Fluid Analysis Tracer Fluid Distribution Analysis Ash Extractor Assembly Ash Extractor Assembly Analysis
Winch Control Winch Control Pendant Vibration Analysis  TCO/SCR CFD Catalytic Oxidizer / Reducer CFD Analysis  
Interference Fit Pipe Coupling Nonlinear Interference Fit Pipe Coupling Analysis    
Weldment WeldmentAnalysis    
Ash Extractor Assembly Ash Extractor Assembly Analysis