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Dynamic Perception's mission is to provide low-cost and easy-to-use photographic motion-control systems that enable creativity and experimentation through open and unencumbered hardware, firmware, and software. Click here to visit Dynamic Perception’s website.

Dynamic Perceptions latest project was to design and build a rotary axis that held true to their mission. The goal was to bring the product to market with a price that was an order of magnitude less than what was currently available without sacrificing durability or performance. They had selected the motor and the electronics and needed to design the gearbox and the enclosure. They had been working with a manufacturing company on the design; however progress was slow because physical prototypes were being used to validate the design. Dynamic Perception contacted Endesin to do an end to end design on the gearbox and the enclosure.



The design process was as follows:

  • Dynamic Perception sent Endesin models for the circuit boards and the motor as well as the requirements for the enclosure and the gear box (weight, size, manufacturability, gearbox reduction ratio, backlash, etc).
  • NX was used to design the enclosure and the gearbox. Regular design reviews were conducted using GoTo Meeting.
  • Specialty vendors were engaged by Endesin to get detailed design information for the worm gear and worm wheel.
  • When the design was complete, detailed drawings were created for manufacturing.
  • Gearbox component tolerances were determined based on the desired backlash set forth in the initial requirements.
  • Linear static finite element analyses were done on the housing as well as the critical components of the gearbox to ensure durability.



NX CAD was used for modeling and drafting and NX Advanced Simulation was used as the pre and post processor. The FEA solver used was NX Nastran.



Dynamic Perception had a new product that they wanted to bring to market; however, they were stalled in the design phase. They turned to Endesin to get a complete, detailed and validated design quickly so they could get their product to market and seize the opportunity they had recognized.