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Applications of Computational Fluid Dynamics include automotive and aerospace vehicle performance, airflow over electronic circuits, HVAC equipment performance, and the stability of a structure in an air stream.

Our engineers can also perform a coupled thermal/CFD analysis which allows you to assess the effectiveness of a forced or natural convection cooling system.

CFD analyses can also be coupled with finite element structural analyses to determine the effect of a pressure or friction force on a structure or component. Applications include airplane wings or any other aircraft components exposed to high velocity airstreams, high-rise buildings and towers, or bridges subject to high winds.

CFD Analysis of Manifold CFD Analysis of Centrifuge Mechanical Design Mechanical Design

Our Tools

Endesin uses the NX Flow solver by Siemens PLM Software which includes steady-state and transient capabilities. Our pre and post processing tools are fully integrated with our modeling tools which means we can spend less time doing geometry simplification and we pass the savings on to you. 


Case Studies
HEPA Filter CFD HEPA Filter CFD Analysis
Tracer Fluid Analysis Tracer Fluid Distribution Analysis
TCO/SCR CFD Catalytic Oxidizer / Reducer CFD Analysis