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Whether you have an idea sketched on a napkin or a portfolio of detail drawings, we can bring your ideas and products into 3D and provide you the information you need to validate and manufacture your design.  We have designed prismatic components, freeform components, straight brake sheet metal components and assemblies of all sizes and complexity. 


Mechanical Design
Mechanical Design

We have completed mechanical design projects in the automotive, aerospace, industrial equipment and electronics industries.  We have the tools and experience to handle projects of any size and complexity.  Models can be parameterized to allow for instant adjustment of key design criteria. Furthermore, expressions can be used to monitor and control model parameters like weight, volume, or some sort of interfacing feature. Product and manufacturing information (PMI) can be tied directly to the model, or a fully detailed manufacturing drawing package can be included. If you have an existing print, perhaps one that was created before the prevalence of 3D modeling, and you would like to be able to take advantage of all of the benefits that come with having a 3D model, our engineers can create a model using your print and we can do it quickly and efficiently, and it will be accurate.


Industrial Design and Styling

If you need pure freeform models for use in design portfolios, research and development projects, or any other applications, our engineers have the capabilities you're looking for. Regardless of whether you have a few pencil sketches, 100MB of point cloud data, or just an idea in your head, we can bring your product to life. If it's a design portfolio you're interested in, Endesin can create all the media you need. With product visualization tools, our engineers can create a virtual showroom complete with custom backgrounds, user-defined lights and camera angles, custom materials and textures for your product and even turntable animation with real time shadows.

Industrial Design and Styling


Straight Brake Sheet Metal

If you are designing sheet metal components like casings or cabinets for computers or other electronic systems, brackets for automotive or aerospace applications, and fascias for industrial machinery to name a few. In addition to the model, our engineers can provide you with a print showing all of the bend lines and shear lines with the bend radius and material-specific deformation factors already accounted for, so you know that when you cut and bend your part, it will be right.


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