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Endesin's engineers have the experience and expertise necessary to put together a finite element model that will assess your products capabilities as accurately as possible. By knowing how to appropriately apply the finite element method our engineers can inform you about the accuracy of your results and make sure that you know exactly what the analysis is telling you about your product.

Winch Vibration Analysis Mesh Winch Vibration Analysis Displacement Pipe Support Beam and Plate Mesh Pipe Support Displacement

If your product has to meet certain code requirements, whether it be Telecordia's CORE requirements, ASME's BPVC requirements, or any other industry standard requirements, our engineers can ensure you that your analysis will be done in accordance with the code and that your results will be accurate. Endesin uses the industry leading NX Nastran solvers provided by Siemens PLM Software.


Structural Analysis Capabilities:
  • Frame and truss analysis using 1D beam elements.
  • Sheet metal analysis using 2D shell elements.
  • Isotropic and orthotropic material.
  • Fatigue analysis.
  • Contact and friction constraints for assembly analysis.
  • Analysis of multi-layered composites.
  • And much more.


Our Tools

We use NX for analysis, which means that the pre and post-processors are fully integrated with modeling so that our engineers can go from CAD model to finite element model faster and more accurately than if the applications were independent. In addition, model changes can be incorporated quickly which means that multiple analyses can be run against different configurations of your product without the need to reconstruct the finite element model.  In the end, this means that you pay less for our services because we spend less time creating the finite element model geometry.


Structural solvers include:
  • Linear Statics
  • Nonlinear Statics
  • Modal Analysis
  • Linear Buckling
  • Frequency Response
  • Axisymmetric
  • Thermal-Structural


Thermal Analysis

If you need to know how your component will dissipate heat that it is generating itself or is being transferred to it from another component, a thermal FEA analysis can give you the answer. Applications include automotive drivetrain components-or any drivetrain components for that matter-circuit board components, equipment used in industrial facilities, and even some consumer goods.

In addition, our engineers can perform a coupled thermal/CFD analysis. This means that you can assess the effect of heat on your product with the addition of forced or natural convection cooling.  


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