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Endesin can provide designers and drafters for both electrical and mechanical disciplines. Our designers all have a minimum of 10 years of experience and we can provide designers and draft-ers for all major CAD platforms.


Endesin can also provide engineers for both electrical and me-chanical disciplines and all of our engineers have a minimum of 15 years of experience. Combined, our engineers hold over 100 patents and have led the design teams on marquee products for companies like Moog, Kodak, Cameron and Dresser Rand. We have engineers with experience in electro-mechanical systems, hydraulics, optics, custom machinery, compressions systems and much more.


Along with design engineers, Endesin can also provide manufacturing engineers and NC programmers. Our manufacturing engineers have experience with the latest and most sophisticated CAM systems and have manu-factured the most complex parts in the most exotic materials.

Entry Level Engineers

In addition to the experienced designers and engineers, Endesin can also provide entry level engineers. This can provide a great resource for some less complex tasks while saving your project considerable money and helping to shape future engineers.

Administrative Services

Endesin can provide contract administrative personnel in order to assist with tasks such as document control, approval routing, RFQ management, and many other administrative tasks.