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Endesin focuses on providing highly specialized designers, engineers and technicians to leading-edge manufacturing companies throughout the Northeast.  We provide people that make an immediate and significant impact on your project so you can focus on meeting your deliverables.  




Endesin specializes in providing experienced, highly capable designers and engineers on a contract basis to companies throughout the Northeast. We will match your company’s need with the ideal contract worker so that they will be productive from the outset with virtually no training or on-boarding time required.

Our designers and engineers have experience in aerospace, industrial equipment, automotive and many other industries and have worked at companies like Xerox, Kodak, Moog, Delphi and Dresser Rand.


We guarantee the best rates for our contractors and we are very flexible when it comes to billing terms and time keeping and re-porting. We can also provide the necessary computer hardware and software if needed.


So whether you need a team of drafters to push through a pile of drawing revisions, experienced designers to help design production tooling or a senior lead engineer to design a new product and lead a team to bring it to market, Endesin can provide you with the right resources.

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